When Melinda Shouted Angrily…

Cinta Satu Malam Melinda Magelang Borobudur MELINDA, a dangdut singer, was suddenly angry as an audience threw a hat onto the stage. She loudly asked polices to arrest that young man. The singer whose real name is Eka May Linda came to the Kujon public space in Village of Borobudur, Borobudur District, Magelang Regency, on Friday (June 24 2011) evening. She held her show with an Indonesia major tobacco company as sponsor.

By SAHRUDIN, MagelangImages

“I can prosecute you! Police, please take him! “Melinda shouted from the stage. She pointed a young man she saw threw a hat at her. Sudenly, some polices from Magelang District Police Department swiftly caught the young man. He was pulled and forced to jump over the barricade in front of the stage.

“Please, do not beat him up. Only catch him, don’t beat him up, ” again, Melinda, who was born in Jakarta, May 29 1982, shouted. But of course, nobody cared her request to polices for not beating him up.

Police officers continually herded and slapped and kicked the suspected hat thrower.

Unfortunately, I think, Melinda took the wrong way on one of her fans at that moment. If the singer who were becoming popular with song “Cinta Satu Malam (One Night Love)” could become a little wiser, he surely wouldn’t ask the police to arrest that young man who “rewarded” a black hat for Melinda.

It might be, for example, Melinda asked him to walk on the stage, said something to him, and took him to sing together.

This way would be able to attract more fans sympathy, wasn’t it? Moreover, no dangers of a hat throw, right? Who knows, the thrower was just a young man who wanted to steal Melinda’s attention as his idol.

But overall, the incident was not disrupted dangdut music performances accompanied by Renata Dangdut Group that evening. Melinda sang three songs. And the last song she sang, of course, Cinta Satu Malam composed by Djajanata Tjahjadi.

Cinta Satu Malam Dangdut Melinda Borobudur“This song, as some people told me, still to be the most popular in Hongkong, than other Indonesia’s hits ,” Melinda says to MagelangImages about Cinta Satu Malam.

She also mentioned, sales of her tapes and CDs (compact discs) has been reaching up to 4.5 million copies. Besides, she still receives money from the RBT (ringback tone) of some hits, include “Capek Deh (I’m Tired)”. Recently, she released her new single “Cyiiin“, her cooperation with Pedro from Velvet Group.

Before Melinda appears on stage, the show was opened by some dangdut singers from East Java. Those singers become fame in Java from stage to stage, from CDs to CDs at markets and shop terraces. Those singers are Brodin “Palapa”, Indi Marshanda, Norma “Watu Cilik” Sylvia, and also Helvy Denata.

Semarang City’s Aan Sexy Dancers, consisting of Rara, Resha, Ocha and Kenny performed semi-erotic dance. Surely, those four girls provoke “hot” yells from the audience composed of mostly young people… They seemed like hot scene! [magelang.images@yahoo.com]

*Baca tulisan versi Bahasa Indonesia.


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