Gethuk Town Still Has Some Problems

BUT THE PROBLEM IS, what if a visitor also wants to see the process in making gethuk, and not only being offered gethuk in rows at store windows? What if she wants to taste warm, freshly made gethuk

By Sahrudin, MagelangImages

According to Wikipedia, gethuk is a simple Javanese dish made from cassava. The cassava is peeled, boiled and mashed. Then it is mixed with grated coconut, sugar and small amounts of salt.

Sugar can also be substituted with palm sugar to give it brownish color and more distinctive taste.

Getuk Magelang Sahrudin Cassava

“Gethuk cothot”, one of several kinds of gethuks locally-produced in Magelang. This is maybe the simplest, the most natural gethuk as it only using husk ashes to produce it s gray color. Once you bite this fried gethuk, you will taste the sweetness of the melted sugar from inside.

Other method to make gethuk is by grinding it with meat grinder and cut it into cubes. This kind of gethuk also known as gethuk lindri (multicolored confection of steamed cassava). Grinding butter, sugar, salt, and sometimes also milk powder, vanilla, and food coloring is added.

In general, gethuk can be interpreted as sweet steamed loaf of pounded cassava.

Yes, it is ok to designate Magelang Municipality as Gethuk Town. There are a number of home industries in this town, small to mid scale produces gethuk.

Some of them even had been established since the 1940s and 1950s, and their generations up to now are still continuing to produce gethuk.

Well, it is not too hard to find gethuk, especially in certain points in Magelang. When you pass Jalan Magelang-Yogyakarta, you will see food stores sell various Javanese snacks and hors d’oeuvres on the left and the right sides of the street.Certainly, many of those food stores also sell gethuk due to their location in Magelang.

Another places where you can find Magelang’s gethuk, are, for instances, at the main Tidar Bus Station on Jalan Soekarno-Hatta, at downtown and surrounding, from street vendors or open stalls in several big-traditional markets, and of course, around tourism objects in this town.

But the problem is, how about it if a visitor also wants to see the process in making gethuk, and not only being offered gethuk in rows at a food store windows?

Getuk Trio Magelang Sahrudin

“Gethuk Trio”, Magelang’s fame, the three-colored gethuk. The producer uses sugar only as preservatives.

Perhaps also he or she wants to taste warm, freshly made gethuk. In fact, many gethuk stores in Magelang apart from the kitchen where gethuk is being produced: the store was built somewhere, but the kitchen in a different place, hundreds and even thousands meters away.

If indeed Magelang Government proudly to “Gethuk Town” designation, why they don’t try, let’s say, to establish a “Gethuk Centre”? It is a simple business center where tens of gethuk stores and home industries to be placed in one location. This, in my opinion, will facilitate the tourists to enjoy various kinds of this Magelang’s traditional cake, without wasting their time.

Another problem is, Magelang’s gethuk is generally produced without preservatives, and therefore, it only edibles a maximum of two days. A few days afterwards mold may appear, so you don’t try to taste it.

According to the producers, preservatives is not recommended due to health reasons as gethuk a wet cake. This chemical might accumulate at one certain point as if gethuk dough is unevenly. This is, they said, to be harmful to the consumer’s body.

From the business side, this, of course, causes narrowness of gethuk marketing because of its short period of expiration. It must be impossible for you to bring Magelang’s gethuk out of Java Island let alone abroad.

At least those two problems are still facing Magelang’s gethuk producers. Any idea to help to overcome?***[]


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