Gendhing Spring

GENDHING becomes one of the largest springs in Magelang Regency. It is located in Dusun Ganjuran, Sukorejo Village of Mertoyudan Subdistrict, only about a kilometer in the south of Military Academy. It is surrounded with hills and large trees.

Every morning, even midday and afternoon, males and females to wash clothes, carpets, mats and other houshold goods. While, at the same time, boys, girls and adult peoples to swim in the ponds of Gendhing spring.

There are 4 ponds here: 1 for male only, 1 for female only and two other shallower ponds were built for kids who want to learn to swim. But, sometimes, kids also swimming with resident’s buffaloes in a pond outside the perimeter wall.***


One response to “Gendhing Spring

  1. Kalau dulu waktu saya masih kecil saya suka sesiblin seperti itu di Kanoman di Geneng Ngisor, Candimulyo. Sama juga ada kerbau-nya. Tapi sekarang sudah mulai berisik dengan suara mesin-mesin PDAM.


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