Only a small municipality…

MAGELANG municipality is one of the smallest regions in the province of Central Java.  It covers only an area of one hundred times narrower than Magelang regency surrounding. So, it is unreasonable whoever holds the power, in fact, unable to solve problems that become his responsibility. It is unreasonable mayor and his deputy even to bequeath some problems.

Parliament member Primus Yustisio at the campaign of Magelang municipality mayor and deputy, June 2010. Primus to support Sigit Widyonindito and Joko Prasetyo who win the election.

Whoever is in charge of Magelang municipality until now has never faced a serious problem. Magelang municipality not affected directly by natural disasters, like infrastructure  damage of Mount Merapi eruption. The roads in this town are generally in good condition, and it was supposed to be. Facts can be seen now, some of the roads are not yet equipped with good drainage and pedestrian crossing facilities.

Problems of poverty and health and education should be too easy to overcome for mayor and his deputy, like they promise to people in their campaign. If these problems still occur today in Magelang municipality, thing can be questioned is: what have they been doing during their leadership period? Magelang municipality, with the area and a relatively small population, should be now known with its prosperity and beauty.

Happy 1106th year anniversary to Magelang municipality, April 11, 2012…[Sahrudin/MagelangImages]


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