They Have Still to Make Money, in Holiday


Public cleaning services loaded junk in Salaman Subdistrict in Magelang Regency.


AFTER RAMADHAN, the month of fasting, Muslims get to break their fast with a holiday, Eid al Fitr (Idul Fitri). Some people, however, in fact, are unable to feel the joy of the feast. Two days Eid holiday, for some reason, is not for everyone.

They are, many times, neither for many low income families nor children who are emotionally and financially disadvantaged who would not otherwise have a holiday.

The problem is money, the differences in income between the top and bottom income earners. Meanwhile, some Muslims have never taken the day off work in the Eid al Fitr because of their job, duty.

If they insist on enjoying the feast by staying at home, having fun with family, of course, they can’t make extra money. As in many places, the holiday has become a good chance of getting more income for some other people.

And Eid Al Fitr, a celebration of camaraderie and solidarity. Right?***



Chicken sellers parked their vehicles on the roadside around Gotong Royong market in Magelang Municipality.

IDUL FITRI memang hari raya, memang hari libur. Tapi, sebagian orang tidak sepenuhnya bisa merasakan nikmatnya hari raya itu. Tidak semua bisa merasakan enaknya hari libur itu.

Masalahnya, adalah uang. Masalah lainnya, adalah tugas, kewajiban.

Jika mereka tetap “memaksakan” diri libur, mereka tidak akan mendapatkan, katakanlah, sekadar uang tambahan. Karena di banyak tempat, hari raya justru kesempatan memperoleh uang lebih banyak.


Flowers seller in downtown Magelang Municipality.

Kesempatan yang langka, karena hanya datang setahun sekali. Pada hari raya, orang-orang yang berkecukupan tidak akan segan merogoh saku, lebih dalam. Mengeluarkan uang, lebih banyak.

Tak ada yang keberatan tarif parkir naik. Tak ada yang keberatan harga mainan lebih tinggi. Tak ada yang keberatan karcis masuk tempat wisata lebih mahal. Harga kembang untuk ziarah lebih tinggi, harga daging ayam melonjak, siapa peduli.


Impoverished people (I am sorry to say beggars) in Magelang’s Giriloyo public cemetery. They know, Idul Fitri is the time when hundreds of people come to visit the tombs of their ancestor and or family…

Ini hari raya, cuma ada setahun sekali. Hari raya, momen untuk saling berbagi…***

Text and images by Sahrudin


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