Soto Semarang, Taste of Magelang

Soto Semarang, Taste of Magelang


It is not hard to find Soto Semarang either in Magelang Municipality or in Magelang Regency. Soto, a kind of soup with cellophane/glass noodles and shredded chicken. A small restaurant on Jalan Sriwijaya, for example, is one place you need to know about. A bowl of Soto Semarang, here, will cost you IDR 8.000. Scallops satay, offal skewers, fried tempe (side dish, fermented soybeans), and perkedel (mashed potatoes, mixed with spices) served as additional food. Another place where you can find Soto Semarang, with much cheaper price but good taste, is near Tegalrejo traditional market on Jalan Magelang-Salatiga. It is a temporary food stall owned by Rohmat (46). Each bowl of Soto Semarang sell at IDR 4.000. Rohmat open his food stall from 8 am to 2 pm. [Image by Sahrudin]


2 responses to “Soto Semarang, Taste of Magelang

  1. kabob? is it the same to “kebab”? it’s not hard to find kebab in some big cities in indonesia…


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