Maicih’s General


DSC_0318aA RESELLER of Maicih spicy cassava chips on Jalan Pahlawan, Magelang Municipality, Tuesday (August 13, 2013). The Maicih company calls the reseller as “general.” The Magelang’s general sells a pack of Maicih at IDR 15.000-18.000. Coming from Bandung of West Java, Maicih is now quite well known among Indonesians.

Magelang’s people actually have also their own spicy cassava chips named Sutelo and spicy taro chips Sukimpul, at least since 3 years ago.

DSC_0317aEqually spicy, but there are distinct differences in taste between Maicih and Sutelo. Maicih tends to salty, while Sutelo combines sweet and spicy. The Maicih chips are relatively thick, but Sutelo, which are being sold at cheaper price, thin and crispy.

Maicih’s most spicy chips marked with Level 10. Meanwhile, Sutelo spiciness grade topped with Level 5. Both of Maicih and Sutelo have their own style in package design. They seem like they know how to appreciate spicy lover’s taste…***

Text and images by Sahrudin


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