Suratinah and her “Tin Panda ” Dolls

Minion Rush Dolls


MAGELANG Regency of Central Java once was just about farming and tourism. But Suratinah, a doll-maker who creates hand-sewn dolls, has become one of many small entrepreneurs who changed the view.

Suratinah started making dolls in her home in Dusun Candi, Secang District, Magelang Regency, and turned it into a business 16 years ago. The small business was started initially with IDR 5 million (USD 500) funding that comes from saving.

Pinky Panda Doll

Now Suratinah has at least 10 local employees, mostly stay-at-home moms who work out of their homes, allowing them to earn money and stay with their kids. The dolls are sold under the brand name “Tin Panda”.

The “Tin Panda” dolls have been marketed to the outside of Java Island, ranging from East Nusa Tenggara to Sorong of Papua Island, even overseas like the neighboring country Malaysia. The average monthly revenue of the small business is now IDR 30-50 million.

Colorful Dolls

In 2007, Suratinah with her “Tin Panda” became the first winner of Indonesia’s Citi Microentrepreneurship Awards. “It was a nice nod of recognition for the choices I have made in running the business this way,” Suratinah said. “It felt nice to be recognized.”

Suratinah has a poor educational background. The woman born in November 9, 1972 was only graduated from elementary school, and she didn’t continue her education. But now, she is a doll-making teacher for several social communities and small businesses in Magelang Regency.***


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