Bright and Soft Colors of Magelang’s Batik

Icha Making Batik


NEITHER Magelang Regency nor Magelang Municipality has a history of batik making. Some batik artists just pioneered its existence in the early 2000s. They have worked for much of their professional life to establish Magelang’s batik fabric and attire.

In the Province of Central Java, only Pekalongan and Surakarta which known have a long past on batik. Besides, the neighboring province Yogyakarta. In these cities, batik has emerged from centuries ago.

Batik Dance

Local designers are making Magelang-style batik both in bright and quiet colors. Adorning the batik are local motifs, ranging from flowers to plants, and from Magelang’s famous landmarks to names of old and historic kampongs.

Batik Attire

As in several batik centers, the production of Magelang’s handmade batik is very limited rather than stamped ones. It is especially due to the process of the making that took a relatively long time.

A Woman Making Batik

A handmade batik fabric measures 115 centimeters by 200 centimeters, for example, usually takes between a week up to a month to make. Using stamps, one can produce batik faster, up to 100 per week.

Dark and Quiet Colored Batik

Generally, batik’s popularity has its ups and downs. But Indonesia has dedicated a day to batik, October 2, just after the Unesco announced the technique of hand-painting cloth using hot wax as World Heritage in 2009.***


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