From “Teh Tarik” to “Wedang Jahe”, Atria Celebrates Magelang 1108th Anniversary

Kopi Tarik or Pulled Coffee.

Kopi Tarik or Pulled Coffee.


HAVE you ever tried a cup of teh tarik (literally “pulled tea”) before? What about a clear glass of caramel tarik, as well as chocolate tarik and coffee tarik?

Let’s say that you have previously tasted those our neighboring country Malaysia drinks somewhere else. But if you were in Magelang, Central Java today, or if you already have a plan to visit the small, impressive city this month, you then may need to consider Atria Hotel & Conference offer.

Atria is now coming up with those all kinds of “tarik” drinks. What is it about the promo that makes the drinks so special?

Firstly, it is the very first time Magelang’s Atria to provide the tariks. Before you enjoy your teh tarik, for example, you will see how the tea and milk are streamed through the air between two cups until they get a rich, foamy texture, without spilling a single drop. Served in a clear glass, you will see and admire the perfect mixture of the tea and fresh milk.

Caramel Tarik, another "pulled" beverages.

Caramel Tarik, another “pulled” beverages.

Besides all types of “tarik” beverages, Magelang’s Atria Hotel & Conference also offers some light meals and Javanese traditional drinks. Atria has the D’Cookies that allows clients to have eight kinds of lip-smacking cookies each pack. While the D’Pikulan promo program enables you to experience some Javanese warm-ginger-flavor drinks like wedang ronde, wedang secang and the sekoteng.

The 2nd reason why you should show up for the promo is due to four-star hotel drinks and snacks at surprisingly affordable prices! The hotel is set the price at only IDR 11,800 nett per portion.

Breakfast Buffet Vaganza is another Atria’s hype, which allows guests to have an unlimited breakfast with different menu everyday at IDR 110,800 nett for 2 persons.

Chocolate Tarik.

Chocolate Tarik.

What do you think about spending 2 nights, 3 days at Atria’s Superior Room with IDR 1,108,000 nett/couple? If you are interested in this offer, it can be noted that it, as well as drinks and cookies promo are available only until April 30.

The Atria’s April hype is also presented to celebrate the 1108th Anniversary of Magelang Municipality. That’s why, Atria sets the promo prices based on how old the city where the hotel is located.***

*Images courtesy of Atria Hotel & Conference


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