Magelang’s Karate Kids: A Photo Story

CHILDREN practicing karate in an elementary schoolyard in Banyurojo Village, Mertoyudan District, Magelang Regency, the Province of Central Java. Most of them are elementary school students, and few others are kindergarten students. Being trained by a TNI military personnel and some assistants, the karate classes are held every Sunday and Tuesday afternoon. (Images by Sahrudin)



ENROLLING a kid into this karate training, as seen in the gallery, parent will only need to buy a Gi (karate uniform), and pay meetings fee, and pay for belt promotions once every six months.

Karate sparring gear like fighting gloves, face shield and foot protectors, and the other equipment have been provided by the trainer.

Although karate (also other martial arts) can be a lot of fun, it is not intended merely for sport.

Kids must sometimes be reminded that they are learning how to defend against real-life bad guys.

Parents need to motivate kids in learning practical self-defense rather than totally depending on others for protection.

Magelang’s Kyokushin karate instructor Prabowo said: “Karate is more about improving self-confidence than fighting back against threats with aggression. We do not advocate fighting back. That is not what karate is all about. We teach the children how to lift their self esteem. Once you gain confidence, it is very hard to frighten a confident kid!”

When a parent registers a kid in a karate training, it is logical to presume the parent wants the child succeed.

Unfortunately, so few kids who start will go all the way to their junior black belt.

It is sad to see the fact that the main reason why most kids drop out of karate training is that it stops being fun for them, and they felt bored.

The essential point in supporting kids in karate is respect.

Karate is a resilient subject for children to undertake without parental support.

Children need to know that parents think highly of their needs, and their hard work and achievement, not only drop-off and pick-up service.

They need their parents to be interested in them, and proud of them, and to respect them for the good things they do.

Only parents who can do this will see benefits out of all proportion to the financial expense of karate training.***


2 responses to “Magelang’s Karate Kids: A Photo Story

  1. thank you, Alwi. one of those kids is my 6-year-old son. he is a green belt now.


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