A Peaceful Morning Walk in Banyurojo Village


By: Sahrudin@SahrudinSaja

It is nearly 08.00 a.m. I wake up with my kid, so late. He, as well as I, wash face immediately before going for a morning walk. I take my Canon EOS 60D and its best suited partner, the Sigma 10-20mm. Ok then, here we go…

THICK blanket of mist had gone by mid-morning. But lighter fog still descend toward Banyurojo Village, Mertoyudan District, Magelang Regency, shrouding villagers homes in the morning.

Mothers overrun itinerant greengrocers. Some people sweep yards with brooms made of coconut leaves stick. Some others are sharing the latest gossip under a shade tree.

We walk along the Manggis river bank. The 5-meter wide river has muddy brown color. Many people still throw away garbage into the Manggis.

We pass Wirabuana, the one and only Hindu temple in Magelang Regency.

A HKBP (the Congregation of Batak Protestant) church stands just a few dozen meters away.

There are also a Catholic church nearby.

Majority of Banyurojo villagers, as well as people of Magelang Regency are (still) Muslims. However, the existence of the Hindu temple and the churches seems to have made our life become more colorful.

There was never any “religious problem” in this peaceful village.

In the rice fields, which also just a few hundred meters away from our home, paddy plants turn yellow. Crops are ready for harvest a few days later. But most other paddy leaves have been cut, and grains of rice have been collected. Here, people plant and harvest crops all at almost the same time.

I and my kid go home after about an hour morning walk.***



He took a pee!


Among the harvested rice fields.


Wirabuana, the one and only Hindu temple in Magelang Regency, the Province of Central Java. The temple stands just less than 50 meters from our home.


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