The Real Basketball = A Waste BASKET Plus A Plastic BALL



I DON’T even know, where my kid got the idea.

All I knew was he had never watched a basketball game before, neither on TV nor in a court.

No public basketball courts around my house as the game was popular only in high schools and colleges, but not in villages.

Another possibility was, unbeknownst to me, maybe he occasionally saw it somewhere.

One afternoon, after playing kites he took a friend of him to empty an overflowing woven-bamboo wastebasket in front of our home.

He then just put it in the yard, and began to throw a plastic ball into the wastebasket.

“Not comfortable. Need something to make it higher,” he said.

His friend quickly took a plastic chair from the side of our house, and the wastebasket was then placed on the chair.

“Still not high enough!”

I just watched them from the living room. I didn’t do anything to help them.

So ridiculous, my kid suddenly took a plastic bucket, and stacked it on the chair.

But it seemed like that a wastebasket on top of the pile of bucket and chair, made them more comfy in playing their own style basketball – the real basketball.***


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