Punthuk Setumbu Package, Witnessing Misty Sunrise with Atria


Tourists watching sunrise and having a view of Magelang’s landscape from top of Setumbu hill, on Sunday (September 22, 2013).


By: Sahrudin – alwaysmagelang@gmail.com

STANDING on top of Setumbu hill overlooking Borobudur temple surrounded by the mist-filled valley and overlapping ridges, and lush, green vegetation, is undoubtedly witnessing one of the most stunning scenery in Magelang Regency.

Magelang’s natural wonders can be viewed from the hill locally known as Punthuk Setumbu, from an entirely different angle. 

Besides Borobudur temple, early morning sights from top of Setumbu hill are also enriched by the presence of haze-shrouded Mount Merapi and Mount Merbabu with sunrise between the volcanoes.

Many tourists and photographers have in fact went up the hill located in Karangrejo Village, Borobudur District more than just once.

Atria Hotel & Conference, Magelang Municipality. (Image courtesy of Atria)

Atria Hotel & Conference, Magelang Municipality. (Image courtesy of Atria)

The natural endowment and beautiful scenic, which is then arranged into Punthuk Setumbu Sunrise Packages by Magelang’s Atria Hotel & Conference.

They are mix of nature-rural-cultural-heritage-culinary excursions.

These offers are divided into two types: package does not include hotel room, and one includes hotel room.

The first type offer, you simply pay 490,000 IDR nett per person.

While Punthuk Setumbu Sunrise Package includes a Superior room, breakfast, lunch and dinner costs just IDR 1,190,000 nett/two persons.

In addition to Setumbu hill, the trip will also include tours of Borobudur and Pawon temples, and tourist villages surrounding them, taking a closer look at earthenware and batik makers activities.

Punthuk Setumbu Sunrise Package will be concluded with an intriguing culinary feat: having buffet lunch in Borobudur’s Pondok Tingal restaurant with local menus like kupat tahu and sego megono — rice served with shredded young jackfruit and other steamed vegetables.***

For more information on Punthuk Setumbu Sunrise Package, please contact Atria Hotel & Conference


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