9 in 16 Weighbridges Will be Closed: Governor

Reporters interviewed Governor Ganjar Pranowo in Magelang Regency, on Saturday evening, November 16, 2013.

Reporters interviewed Governor Ganjar Pranowo in Magelang Regency, on Saturday evening, November 16, 2013.

By: Sahrudin – alwaysmagelang@gmail.com

GOVERNOR Ganjar Pranowo plans to close nine in 16 weighbridges in the Province of Central Java, while at the same time maintaining other seven ones, Antara reported.

He uttered the plan just after hearing the explanations on institutional and human resources evaluation results of Central Java’s Department of Transportation, Communication and Information (Dishub Kominfo), on Monday (May 12, 2014) in Semarang. 

The seven weighbridges will remain open, including ones of Salam in Magelang Regency, Toyogo of Sragen, Sambong (Blora), Sarang (Rembang), Tanjung in Brebes, Wanareja of Cilacap Regency, and Semarang’s Klepu weighbridge.

These weighbridges are generally located near the border of Central Java and its neighboring provinces: Yogyakarta, East Java and West Java.

“Too many (weighbridges) are not optimal”, Ganjar said, adding that governor regulation on weighbridges, Peraturan Gubernur Nomor 5 Tahun 2012, is also need to be changed.

Damaged Roads and Extortion

It has been reported previously that Governor ordered all officers of Central Java’s Dishub Kominfo to stop collecting money under illegal levies at weighbridges.

This unlawful practice is often done by drivers carrying overweight loads giving staff between IDR 10,000 and IDR 20,000.

Governor saw the illegal practice with his own eyes at Subah weighbridge in Batang Regency, on Sunday evening, April 27.

Whereas the current fine of loads at or above capacity in Central Java is IDR 60,000, and must be accompanied by issuance of fine receipt.

Trucks and semi-trailers carry overweight loads, Governor said, should be heavily fined as they may cause the need to repair highways and bridges much more quickly.

“People frustrated about damaged roads. So, one way to keep roads and bridges in good condition is to stop illegal levies”, he said.***


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