Trimo the Milkman


Trimo, a milkman from Kampung Malangan, Magelang Municipality.

By: Sahrudin –

HIS “business theory” was quite simple: he wanted to make money, self-employed, by making or selling something beneficial for consumers.

He, without thinking twice, then chose to sell raw milk and soy milk.

“They are healthier choices either for children or adults”, said Trimo, who has been a roving milkman since 2007. 

He sells raw milk produced by a dairy farmer in Kampung Tidar, Magelang Municipality, and soy milk made by a nearby small-scale tofu industry in Kampung Malangan.

Trimo said he had believed from the start that his milk would sell well in the area.

“The raw milk I sell is fresh from the cow. No dyes, no preservatives, no chemicals”, the 32-year-old milkman said, adding that the pink color on soy milk comes from safe dye.

“I have two children, so I don’t want to put kids and buyers at risk”, he said.

He packed his raw milk and soy milk in transparent plastic bags.

A plastic bag of raw milk sells for 3,000 IDR, and soy milk is 1,000 IDR each.

Every afternoon, Trimo rides his China-made Nasha City motorbike from one village to another, from Magelang Municipality to Magelang Regency, to vend milk.

In seven years as a milkman, he said he still looks at this as one of good business to do.

“I used to be a construction worker, but I am enjoying what I am doing now: door-to-door home delivery”, he said.***


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