Yield Drops, Price Jolts: Temanggung’s Coffee


Black coffee, served as a beverage without cream or milk. Cost of a cup of coffee is likely to go up further as bean prices have topped 23,000 IDR a kilogram.

By: Sahrudin – @SahrudinSaja

THE PRICE of coffee cherries in Temanggung Regency, the Province of Central Java is up to 50 percent, skyrocketing from 3,000 IDR to 4,500 IDR per kilogram, Antara reported, on Thursday (May 22, 2014).

Meanwhile, dried coffee beans price rose more than 10 percent, from 21,000 IDR to 23,000 IDR per kilogram. 

“The yield drops, the price jolts”, Suhadi, a coffee trader from Jumo District said.

Setyo, a coffee farmer from Kledung District said: “One coffee tree can only produce about three kilograms of cherries now, compared to last year’s season when a tree yielded an average of 5 kilos of cherries.”

Heavy rains in the last quarter of 2013 caused loss of coffee flowers, which then decreased the number of production.

Arabica coffee growers in Temanggung, whose plantations located on the slopes of Mount Sumbing and Mount Sindoro, have been selectively harvesting cherries since early May.

Whereas, robusta in coffee-growing regions of Kandangan, Gemawang and Kaloran Districts will be ready to pick in June.

The Central Statistic Agency (BPS) data show, Temanggung’s coffee production reached 2,544.22 tons in 2011, decreased dramatically by more than 2-fold in 2009 (5,927.78 tons).

With a total area of 9,262.02 hectares coffee plantations, of which 70 percent are used for robusta and 30 percent for arabica, Temanggung Regency is still Central Java’s main coffee-growing region.***


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