Challenge Yourself: Atria’s Merapi Volcano Adventure

By: Sahrudin –

MOUNT Merapi, though in a safe condition, remains synonymous with a challenging volcano.

That’s the reason why this 4-hour tour will surely be a real adventure: Merapi Volcano Adventure. 

In it, you will first be taken to experience and discover some of Magelang’s rural landscapes as well as sediment plus rock laden rivers, and immerse yourself fully in its local culture and nature.

After a few hours drive, Mount Merapi and its breathtaking scenery will soon welcome you and your driver cum guide.

What makes this trip different is that it will not start from the as usual Yogyakarta’s Kaliurang but Magelang, Central Java.

Atria Hotel & Conference Magelang organizes the Merapi Volcano Adventure at only 550,000 IDR per person based on two people minimum.

The tour rates include a jeep off-road, a driver cum guide, light meal, lunch and transports.

You will be picked up at the Atria, and drive to the 2,968 meter high volcano.***

*Images courtesy of Atria Magelang

*For more information on Merapi Volcano Adventure, please contact Atria Hotel & Conference


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