Sindur Binayang, a Tradition in Javanese Marriage Ceremony

By: Sahrudin@SahrudinSaja

AFTER performing ijab and qabul (marriage contract, the formal bond that turns two individuals from strangers to husband and wife), the newlyweds often first to head off for pictures together in the pelaminan (wedding seats).

But after – sometimes before – photo session, Javanese bride and groom will usually led to carry out several custom as part of the formal occasion.

One of the traditions that still often be practiced in marriage ceremonies in many places in Java, or by Javanese people who live in other islands is sindur binayang.

In this section, the father of the bride leads the couple to the wedding chair.

Walking behind them, the mother of the bride covers the couple’s shoulders with sindur fabric.

The ritual denotes that the father of the bride is showing the way to happiness and give his blessing to the bride and groom.

Meanwhile, the bride’s mother is showing that she gives support to both the newlyweds.***


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