Walking Workout: My Struggle to Turn a Fat Belly into a Flat Belly

Image credit: Clipart.com

Image credit: Clipart.com

By: Sahrudin@SahrudinSaja

I HAVE been getting started into a new, inexpensive hobby in these last few days: walking workout.

Every other day, I walk approximately 10 kilometers (more than 6 miles) round-trip from my home in Seneng Banyurojo Village, Mertoyudan Subdistrict to Magelang Municipality’s public square (locally known as “Alun-alun”).

It usually takes me about 2 hours to cover the distance.

When I work a morning stint (starting at 8 AM – 4.30 PM), I will start walking at 6.30 PM.

Whereas, if I work an afternoon shift (from 12 noon – 8 PM), I will begin to stroll at 8 AM.

I hope I can keep doing this good habit because of the main reason: stubborn belly fat begone!!!

Nevertheless, walking is not the only thing I do to fight belly fat.

I sweep yard with brooms made of coconut leaves stick; I help my wife to wash clothes; I clean or swab the floor — housework that I do almost every day…

Oh, yeah. I almost forgot, I also regularly doing push-ups to strengthen my chest, shoulders, triceps, and back muscles. Only a small number, between 3 to 5 sets of 10-20 pushups.

I reduce sugary drinks, and increase water consumption.

Sometimes I think I have to start riding my bike to work or commuting to accelerate my belly fat loss efforts significantly. But I am afraid of sweating and sour and yeasty body odors will bother my workmates… *** [alwaysmagelang@gmail.com]


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