Waste Energy to Save More Energy

My means of transport: a yellow bike and a blue TVS motorcycle (right). Image by Sahrudin

My daily means of transport: a yellow bike and a blue TVS motorcycle (right). Image by Sahrudin

By: Sahrudin – @SahrudinSaja

I INTERPRET and understand energy through the viewponts of ordinary people: energy is anything and everything to do with electricity, water and fuel (for vehicles and stove).

I work as a minilab operator in a photo studio, and my salary is relatively low. There is no other way to save money: I need to tighten my belt, I must spend my money carefully because there is less available.

I commute on my motorcycle, a TVS Neo Gen-i (2008). I live 5 kilometers away from my workplace in downtown Magelang. I could actually walk or ride my bike to work. But, again, I am afraid of sweating and sour and yeasty body odors will bother my workmates…

In my workplace, there is only one bathroom, I mean, a combined bath and toilet. If every day, every time I arrive at work then take a bath, I might feel uncomfortable of using too much water.

However, I ride my motorbike only to and from work, and when attending a particular or urgent occasion.

Meanwhile, I prefer walking or cycling for some other purposes which I think not so urgent: going to the market, or visiting parents in neighboring village.

Not surprisingly, a liter of gasoline/petrol fuel is enough to support my transportation needs for approximately 5 days.

There is Manggis river a few dozen meters from my house. The river’s water always appears brown, murky brown. Many people every day throw garbage into it.

I often use water from the river to wash my motorcycle, and use clean water from local tap water company (PDAM) only for second or last flush.

Washing clothes, I also use PDAM’s clean water, but after that, I do not just throw away the water, excess water after hand washing. I sometimes reuse it to wash my motorbike, or to wash shoes, or to hose the stretch of land in front of my house.

I don’t have a washing machine, and I wash clothes by hand. And by performing housework this way, and as long as you are being regularly active it is considered a workout or exercise in my opinion.

I think, it is so true that in order to save energy, we sometimes would have to waste other types of energy — that comes from our body…***[alwaysmagelang@gmail.com]


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