Magelang’s Craftsman Joko Yuwono to Take Part in Creative ASEAN Jewelry Competition 2015

Joko Yuwono, Magelang’s one of the most popular jewelry artisan. Image by Sahrudin

By: Sahrudin@SahrudinSaja

“I DON’T care if I win or lose. My goal is simple: I want to further introduce Magelang’s jewelry styles to national and regional levels,” jewelry artisan Joko Yuwono replied when asked what his biggest motivation for participating in Creative ASEAN Jewelry Design Competition 2015.

The 60-year-old jewelry designer recently submitted all files and requirements, but he did not specify what jewelry design he entered in this prestigious competition.

“As usual, it is a jewelry that still related to traditional arts,” he hinted.

In fact, Magelang’s natural resources and culture are often seen in his creative works. “Leaves, trees, and local fruits, and also a variety of Javanese folk dances are often inspired me,” Joko explained.

Joko would be very happy if his handmade gold jewelries could be more widely known and appreciated to the neighboring countries.

He said, Magelang actually has the potential to become a City of Jewelry. “There are so many talented goldsmiths in this town.”

Most of jewelries displayed at dozens of gold shops in varied locations around Magelang, he affirmed, are made by local artisans.

“It would be a pity if we were not aware of our own potential, cultural property,” Joko, who has been a jewelry maker since the mid-1970s, reminded.

He, in his simple workroom in Dusun Seneng I of Banyurojo Village, Mertoyudan Subdistrict, is still working now to fulfill so many jewelry orders from Magelang, Semarang and neighboring city/province of Yogyakarta and even from Kalimantan Island.

Joko uses the most common hand tools in doing every his work, such as solder, hand pressing machine, metal shear, cold chisels, and jeweler’s saws.***[]


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