Mostly Xenia, and the Rest are Avanza: Taxi Services in Magelang

Falindo taxis from Magelang Regency. Image credit: Promo Jateng

Falindo taxis from Magelang Regency. Image credit: Promo Jateng

By: Sahrudin – @SahrudinSaja

MAGELANG Municipality just celebrated its 1,109th anniversary, making it the second oldest city in Indonesia after Palembang of South Sumatera which was founded in June 16, 682 AD.

Magelang is even older than Indonesia’s capital city Jakarta and Semarang, capital of the Province of Central Java.

However, if we are talking about transportation, Magelang (both Magelang Municipality and Magelang Regency) is likely either a “newcomer” or “latecomer” to taxi services.

The first taxi service in Magelang, Afda, was only established in 2012. But even then, the company was just a few months old when it changed of ownership and later changed its name to Falindo.

Falindo itself currently operates 50 vehicles, making it the largest Magelang’s taxi company.

Another smaller taxi services in Magelang are: DNA with a fleet of 30 taxis on the road, City (20 taxis), Gemilang (15 taxis) and Alam Indah which operates only 5 government licensed taxi vehicles.

All taxi services are available 24 hours, and all cover the whole Java Island, and of course, everyone can get a taxi by: hailing a taxi along a road, queuing at a taxi stand, or, making a phone booking.

And if you are especially picky about an automotive manufacturer, unfortunately, so far there are only two brands used as taxis in Magelang: mostly Daihatsu Xenia 1,000 cc, and the rest are Toyota Avanza.

Which one do you prefer?***[]


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