Violin: I am an Adult Beginner

Sahrudin Violin MagelangImages

Me and my Cremona violin…

By: Sahrudin@SahrudinSaja

SO far I don’t know how to read music, but I can play some easy songs by ear: Over the Rainbow, You Raised Me Up, and also several Indonesia’s folk songs…

But because I am a beginner, of course, I still have a very “beginner sound”. And because I started as an adult (in my 36 about 5 months ago), and I don’t have a violin teacher, no matter how hard I work, I will never play as good as an advanced violinist.

I realize that the most important thing I have to do is to put aside my “unreachable” goals; and begin to think simpler, smaller, by setting worthy, real attainable goals. I better not to plan to be at a point by a certain time; but do the basics, daily.

For me, the real attainable goals are especially, for instances: to play good sound and good pitch, and to play songs that I can enjoy and feel that others can enjoy listening to me play them…***[]


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