Oops!… Mount Merapi did it again!

34087001_1Merapi Tanti Lie

A clear view from an airplane of Mount Merapi spewing towering clouds of ash, Friday morning. Image credit: Tanti Lie via Twitter.

By: Sahrudin

FRIDAY, June 1, 2018, 08:20 AM, Western Indonesia Time (WIB). I felt, suddenly, the windows panes of my house rattled and vibrated.

I used to think my son played with them, or there was someone else knocked on the windows. I peeked out my window to see what was going on…

Apparently not. It was neither my son nor someone else did it.

At a crossroad near my house, dozens of people gathered, and almost all of them stood facing eastward. “Mount Merapi erupts again!” some neighbours shouted.

I saw a dense column of white smoke was spewing out the top of one of Indonesia’s most famous mountains. The cone-shaped volcano is only about 30 kilometers east of Banyurojo, my village.

Thank God, as the wind was blowing towards the east, and therefore, ash was falling predominately in the same direction, my village and other places located in the west of the 2,930 meters (nearly 9,800 feet) high mountain were not much affected by the eruption.

In the evening, it’s been reported that the giant volcano erupted again, twice or thrice, but the eruptions were far less explosive.

Mount Merapi’s last major eruption was happened nearly eight years ago, and today, Oops!… The volcano did it again!***(alwaysmagelang@gmail.com)

Merapi Data.jpg

A technical explanation from the Research and Technological Development for Geological Disaster Agency (BPPTKG)’s Twitter account on today’s Mount Merapi eruption.

33992885_1Merapi Adi.jpg

Mount Merapi erupted again in the evening, 08:24 PM (WIB). Image credit: Adi Merapi via Twitter.


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