AA — License, or vehicle registration plate letters of Central Java’s former Kedu Residency including Magelang Municipality, and regencies of Magelang, Temanggung, Wonosobo, Purworejo and Kebumen

AB — License, or vehicle registration plate letters of the Province of Yogyakarta, including Yogyakarta Municipality, and regencies of Bantul, Sleman, Kulonprogo and Gunungkidul

Pande besi — blacksmith, knife maker, iron craftsman

Getuk, or gethuk — sweet steamed loaf of pounded cassava

Jimpitan — to collect resident’s money contribution (for social purposes)

Ketupat, or kupat — rice dumpling wrapped and cooked in woven coconut leaves pouch

Putu — cylinder, tube shaped steamed cake made from rice flour or rice powder with brown sugar inside

Slondok — thick, U or S-shaped cassava crisps

Geblek — fried sticky cake made of cassava starch

RSJ, Rumah Sakit Jiwa — mental hospital

Madrasah — Muslim educational institution; Islamic school

MI, Madrasah Ibtidaiyah — Islamic elementary school; Islamic primary school

MTs, Madrasah Tsanawiyah — Islamic junior high school; Islamic junior secondary school

MA, Madrasah Aliyah — Islamic senior high school; Islamic senior secondary school

SMK, Sekolah Menengah Kejuruan — vocational senior high school; vocational senior secondary school; vocational high school

Pramuka, Praja Muda Karana — the Indonesian Scout Movement

Kwarnas, Kwartir Nasional — Central Board of the Indonesian Scout Movement

Kwarda, Kwartir Daerah — Provincial Board of the Indonesian Scout Movement

Kwarcab, Kwartir Cabang — Municipality or Regency’s Board of the Indonesian Scout Movement

Kwarran, Kwartir Ranting — Subdistrict’s Board of the Indonesian Scout Movement

RT (Rukun Tetangga) — English: Neighborhood Unit. The abbreviation/term RT is used to refer to the smallest, self-governing administrative unit. In Magelang Regency, the population of an RT is usually under 140 (about 40 families). An RT is led by a Ketua RT, or Head of Neighborhood Unit. As a form of social consciousness of a resident, a Ketua RT is often unpaid, or very low-paid. Being a Ketua RT means dedicating yourself to serving your neighbors.

RW (Rukun Warga) — English: Community Unit. The RW is one level higher than the RT, and usually populated by a maximum of 900 people or 250 families. Either a Ketua RT or Ketua RW (Head of Community Unit) is mostly directly elected by locals. A Ketua RW is also often unpaid, or paid very little.

to be continued


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